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Welcome to the GaanaBajaaana Blog. We will be using this platform to introduce users to new features on our platform. We will also use it to introduce artists to new and exciting ways you could showcase your talent and boost your music career.
As an introduction, GaanaBajaana is extremely dedicated to helping music artistes to get better opportunities in their field of expertise. It is very important for artists to get an appropriate platform to realise their full potential. GaanaBajaana has adopted the motive to always deliver more than expected to the artists.
GaanaBajaana has observed that reality shows play a vital role in providing a boost to the career of a budding artists. With proper guidance, artists would have better chances of success in this highly competitive world.
Recently, GaanaBajaana got associated with Radio city for their talent hunt “Super Singers Season 8” as talent partner. In the future too, we will keep on associating with more and reality shows. This is just to confirm to our aim that no deserving musicians and singers is ever left unnoticed.
If you or any of your friends and family member is a promising singer or musician and would like an opportunity to showcase their talent, we would love to hear from you. You can write to us at talent@gaanabajaana.com

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